5 Tips for Conquering Your Word Count Goals!

Hello World!

Today I am going to share some of my tips for staying on track and slaying word count goals. Setting a word count goal is easy but staying on track and actually meeting that goal is a whole different ball game. There have been several times where I panicked because writing a full length fantasy novel means conquering a monster sized word count goal. Don’t fret though! I am about to share some of my favorite things that have helped me along my personal writing journey! Hopefully these tactics will help you smash your word count and finish that novel!

                              Let’s Dive In!

  • First thing you should do if you are feeling overwhelmed is breathe. It is okay to step away for a bit and refocus so that you can approach your writing with a clear head.
  • Instead of thinking of the word count as one giant goal you can break it down. Create mini goals so that you don’t feel the  pressure of meeting the massive goal. This tip is extremely helpful and it will boost your confidence whenever you smash your mini goals and realize you also beat the massive word count.
  • Accept the fact you are human! It is okay to not meet a huge word count in a short amount of time. Writing is an art form and requires a lot time and energy. Life also has tendency to pull you away from your work and it is ok to push the deadline so that you don’t freak yourself out.
  • Be positive! Being negative about not being on track to meet the word count is not going to help anyone. You can do this! There are ways to catch up so don’t let falling behind bring you down.
  • Schedule a writing day! Bust out your calender and pick a day that will be dedicated to writing! You can catch up a bit during this day and you will feel amazing afterwards.

That concludes my list of tips! Hopefully y’all can apply these tips to your life and realize that you can do this! Remember that you are already doing something incredible and you should not let your word count goal keep you from finishing that novel!

I hope y’all have a wonderfully literary day!



Meeting that Wordcount~

Hello There!

NaNoWriMo recommends writing 1,667 words a day to meet your goals at the end of the month. Personally, I have tendency to write 3-4,000 words in one sitting on certain days. I have a hard time following a definite writing schedule but I know that if I at least try to write for at least 2 hours every day I can try to break my little habit. Meeting the word count can seem daunting but if you just ignore it and write you can easily surpass the goal.

Some other things I do to help me reach my word count goal are:

  • Set reminders on my phone so it is always on my mind.
  • Put on my writing playlist so that I can get in my writing groove.
  • Have snacks and water nearby so I don’t have to get up too often.
  • Take breaks when I am frustrated so I don’t get too burnt out and give myself a mini break.
  • Put on a show that I know by heart so I can focus easier (for when I don’t want to listen to my playlist).

Some of those seem rather dorky but I need them becaus I can easily become distracted. Those are the methods that I am currently using for my writing and I hope y’all give them a try!

Feel free to share what trick you do to meet your word count in the comment section below!

I wish you luck on your literary journey!